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Creación de contextos de aprendizaje crítico para estudiantes de último curso de Grado en Enfermería durante el confinamiento por COVID-19

  1. Background. In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, hands-on training was suspended. It was necessary to
    adapt teaching methodologies for use in online environments and this represented an innovation.
    Method. A classroom experience was created and trialed from April to May 2020 in the course Practicum V of
    the Nursing Degree at the University of Seville. It was divided into 3 phases and consisted of 2 activities for students to
    complete: a webinar, with previous student autonomous work to answer a set of 5 questions regarding knowledge, skills,
    and attitudes related to delivering nursing care in a COVID-19 pandemic situation, and the design and creation of a
    clinical case by students with the nursing diagnosis 0030 Impaired gas exchange as the starting premise.
    Results. Twenty students participated, with an average age of 20 years (SD = 2), with 80% of them being
    women. All the answers given by them were completely relevant and were discussed in the webinar. The clinical cases
    created by the students were based on the premise proposed, and the students demonstrated knowledge of the disease
    and specific nursing care. Regarding to the clinical competencies, all of them also expressed that it might have been
    better for them to experience COVID-19 cases in person, with real patients.
    Conclusion. Teaching staff should design and create strategies to facilitate as much as possible the acquisition
    of clinical competencies related to COVID-19 by students in order to bridge the gap between theoretical and practical
    training imposed by public health legislation

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