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Distributed leadership through the bibliometric analysis

A distributed perspective on school leadership and management has garnered significant attention from policymakers, practitioners, and researchers in several countries over the past decade, the Principal’s leadership success and development forms and part alert because of the second-largest school element. Hence, with the pattern of education changes in the globalization world and future trend, the thought of distributed leadership (DL) would be considered applicable for varsity Principals and school administrators’ DL is totally different from ancient strategies to check and develop leadership. Most of the important institutions focused on DL change, managed government, and institutions. This communication provides a summary of the state of the art of analysis (DL). The final objective was to try and do a  descriptive bibliometric study to improve a depth view of the scientific literature on DL, between 2000 and 2021. The final data consists of 533 articles divided by 297 (WoS) and 236 (SCOPUS). With these innovative analyses we tent to answer questions on the evolution of the studies and years, journal’s impact, its outstanding topics, methodologies, and most cited authors, related to universities, institutions, and countries, additionally determine variables as idioms and countries, co-citations and co-occurrences of the authors’ such keywords. In the style design, we tend to used bibliometric descriptive techniques, to offer answers concerning the foremost cited authors and their affiliated institutions and countries. Most language used is English. We were additionally mapping authors, co-occurrences,  as keywords analysis, and visual image of bibliometric networks. We tend to use for analyzing, mapping, and visualizing bibliometric networks Vosviewer. The terms and their clusters were utilized supported the results recommendations to determine challenges for the innovation and after in the school’s management. The findings show that the literature refers expressly to DL, there are a variety of attention-grabbing insights within the theoretical articles a number of interesting insights into the theoretical articles. The investigation concludes for more multidisciplinary analysis at the intersection of the fields. To point out the holistic landscape of this field. The research concludes with recommendations supported the results of multidisciplinary studies, it is a holistic landscape of this field. Also, this class of analysis will be thought-about as associate degree innovative and relevant field of study for the scientific community within the time.

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Bibliometric Analysis Citation analysis Distributed leaership Maps Scopus Web of Science


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