Regional Certification Quality (RCQ) is an instrument that supports the Quality
Management (QM) by providing a standard of good practices in the enterprises that
create some products or services of high quality. This type of certification is usually
designed only for firms that belong to a determined geographical area, which is the
Marca Gto program presented in this paper.
The objective of this research is to analyze the quality regional certification Marca
Gto, as perceived by the Leather-Footwear SME participants considering the size of
the firms.
To collect the data, a survey of 21 questions was applied to a sample of 69 SMEs
part of the Leather-Footwear Cluster with Marca Gto certification, in October 2020.
The IBM SPSS Program was used to analyze the based Likert Scale questions and
test the hypotheses by using the Mann-Whitney U Test. The items of Likert Scale
were grouped in 3 Components (National, Exports and International) by using the
extraction method of Principal Component Analysis to proceed to test 4 different
Particularly, for the case of Leather-Footwear Cluster of Guanajuato the evidence of
the sample shows no statistically significant differences on Total Score, Component
1 (National), Component 2 (Exports) or Component 3 (International) Score of the
program by the size of the firm.
However, this does not mean that the program is not useful for the participant
firms. This study only reveals that the level of the overall benefits is not related to
the size of the company.
QM is an excellent way the company can record their advance in the competitive-
ness process. Having a program that is not only validated by the company itself but
for some external stakeholders as the regional Government and some professional
certification organizations, Marca Gto has the potential to be promoted as a real
market differentiator not only in the Mexican but also in the international markets

Palabras clave

competitiveness Leather-footwear cluster Regional-quality certification SMEs

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