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The imprison and breakthrough of Chinese female media image under the influence of major public health emergencies

Influenced by the philosophy of Chinese 5000-year feudal society and the traditional thought of “three principles and five constants” of Confucian culture, the Chinese media’s shaping of Women’s images is complex and subtle, with firm will to pursue freedom and progress yet timid and overcautious. After the outbreak of new coronavirus infection pneumonia, as an unprecedented impact of the “black swan incident,” it is shaking all aspects of social culture. Gender culture has also swept into this wave of change. The society structuration theory proposed by British sociologist Giddens holds that that social structure has duality. On the one hand, society reflects gender model, on the other hand, society makes gender. For the establishment of Chinese women’s image, the media has played a significant role in information dissemination, cultural manifestation, public opinion influence, gender shaping and other aspects. Under the influence of major public health emergencies, the inherent problems exposed by the media in shaping the image of Chinese women are also a bold exploratory breakthrough.

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Novel Coronavirus,Chinese media,Female media image,Black Swan Incident,Female image breakthrough


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