Public economics serving the challenges of 2030

Public economics is the economic analysis of the public sector in a broad sense, which involves considering both aspects related to income and public expenditures. In this sense, it addresses issues like redistribution, tax design, equality of opportunity, government intervention in education, public health, social security, contamination, representative democracy, public choice,.. etc Topics that are deeply linked with the the Sustainable Development Goals of ONU and mainly with climate action, quality education, economic growth, innovation, reduces inequalities, well-being,.. In this sense, this workshop or seminar invites scholars to present papers on their work or experience in any of this topics


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Marta Melguizo Garde

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Strategic gaps in the European Digital Agenda 2020: investment in innovation as a challenge.

Lucía Desamparados Pinar García. Nuria Chaparro-Banegas


La opinión de los docentes sobre las competencias desarrolladas en la Universidad

Marta Melguizo Garde. Javier Borraz Mora.


Relación entre responsabilidad social corporativa y comportamiento fiscal: una aproximación bibliométrica

FRANCISCO JOSÉ REY CARMONA. Miguel Angel Solano Sanchez. Luis Javier Cabeza-Ramírez